Render in Place is a command that allows you to apply and bake in all effects to a single clip on the Edit page Timeline. This command is only available on the Edit page and will create a new media file that replaces the original clip on the Timeline. The new file is created in the same directory as the original source file and is automatically added to the Media Pool.
Render in Place can be used to improve the playback performance of a computationally intensive clip or to create a new master media file with effects that have been finalized. For example, if you have a clip with a complex speed ramp that you want to pass on to another editor or VFX artist, you can use Render in Place to create a high-quality version of the clip that will be easier for other programs to interpret.
Render in Place is not a one-way operation. After rendering, you have the option to "Decompose to Original" to bring back the original clip with its original effects if you need to make changes. This can be useful if you find that the clip was not as finalized as you had thought.
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